Aktiivitieto becomes part of Progrits

Expanding its portfolio within Vehicle Digital Solutions, Progrits has acquired the Finnish software company Aktiivitieto. This strategic acquisition marks Progrits's debut in Finland, strengthening its position as a leading Northern European software group now spanning eight countries.

Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Vantaa, Suomen Aktiivitieto Oy specializes in niche software services focusing on Customer Experience Management. The core product is Autopalaute, a product tailored to measure and evaluate customer satisfaction within the automotive industry. Autopalaute provides concrete tools for data-driven decision-making, enhancing sales processes and customer experiences for automotive retailers, importers, and workshops. The acquisition of Aktiivitieto by Progrits strengthens its offerings within their vertical of Vehicle Digital Solutions. 

"A welcome addition to the Progrits family, Aktiivitieto presents significant synergies for our group, already boasting well-established relationships with automotive retailers and workshops across multiple countries. Together, we're set to deliver a strong service, assisting customers in enhancing their sales processes and ultimately creating superior experiences for their end consumers. Our entry into Finland also paves a natural pathway for our other Progrits subsidiaries, marking a strategically crucial step in our journey of growth and geographic expansion across Northern Europe," comments Björn Ekström, CEO of Progrits. 

"Our long-term strategy has been to expand internationally and partnering with Progrits brings the strategy execution to a new level. I strongly believe that both parties and especially our customers already operating internationally will benefit from this partnership," comments Sami Koivu, COB at Aktiivitieto. 

"At Aktiivitieto, we are passionate about empowering our clients to develop their Customer Experience. Becoming a part of Progrits now enables us to offer a broader range of existing solutions from Progrits's portfolio to our customers. Collaborating with our sister companies within the group also provides us with a great platform to accelerate the growth of Autopalaute solutions in the Nordic markets," comments Nicklas Fuchs, CEO of Aktiivitieto. 

Effective May 3rd, 2024, Aktiivitieto will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary within the Progrits group. 

Aktiivitieto becomes part of Progrits